15072014 | Fugue State for E-Bows and Guitars

A one day noise installation in Sheffield.

4.30pm – 11pm, 31st August 2014.

Part of Pub Scrawl.

More information to follow.

07072014 | OSCILLATOR

Onward! Downward!

Our sixth album, Wild Light was released last year and was only ever the more coherent surface elements of a semi-explored planet, the tip of the iceberg if you like. That’s still out there in various forms, discs of preserved oil and torrent files and so on.

OSCILLATOR is a 20 minute film we made, a less-diluted collection of off-cuts and lost edits; late night smartphone videos and unused music; real-time noise experiments using diegetic audio on a long stretch of European motorway; code-based sound generators and unmapped kinect territories, as well as footage from the dead cities and exceptional states of 2013’s ‘Sleepwalk City’ A/V installation.

Watch it here:

23062014 | yrCodeIsBadAndYouShouldFeelBad

Screen Shot 2014-06-20 at 13.31.37

We wrote a new 65 song entirely in code which you can execute in your browser.

It’s here: yrCodeIsBadAndYouShouldFeelBad.

It’s free to steal or remix or, even better, use as a jump off point to write your own stuff.


02062014 | July UK shows – Support from Thought Forms & Nordic Giants



So, in case you missed it, we have a handful of UK shows in July, mostly on our way to/from festivals. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve managed to drag Thought Forms back to another 65 show in Leicester, because we like watching ‘em play, and we have Nordic Giants lined up as main support for Cardiff, Reading and Portsmouth.

Here’s the specifics:

03 July – O2 Academy, Leicester (with Thought Forms) | TICKETS

28 July – The Globe, Cardiff (with Nordic Giants) | TICKETS
29 July – Sub89, Reading (with Nordic Giants) | TICKETS
30 July – Wedgwood Rooms, Portsmouth (with Nordic Giants) | TICKETS

The full run of summer shows is below. Most immediately, looking forward to watching the mighty Girls Against Boys at Plisskënfest in Athens this coming Friday. Details about that HERE.

See you on the road/in a field. 65.x


23042014 | ***Silent Running Flash Sale***


The Silent Running digital download plus bonus e.p is just £3.50 until next week in celebration of coming live shows on Sunday. That’s a ton of weird sci-fi music, right there.

You can get it RIGHT HERE.

Because we self-released this, all of this money goes direct to us, which makes a change, huh? Be great if you help us out/share this around.